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“A simple game that is based on chance but that does involve the skill needed to know when to hold on to good cards and score big prizes. This game is played with a 141-card deck. Bets can be set according to the following denominations: $0.05, $.25, $.50, $1.00 and $5.00 and you can wager with anywhere from 1 ? 10 coins per hand. To play, simply set your bets by clicking on the chips. Then press the button marked “Bet” in order to place your wager. When you click “Play”, 5 cards will be dealt to you face up. Then press “Play” again so that the new cards will be dealt to replace the cards you choose to discard. Based on your final hand, you will see if you’ve won or lost and winnings will be credited automatically to your account. Win Now With This Fun and Rewarding Poker Style Game.”Specialty Games

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