Lucky Lightnin Slots | $25 No Deposit Bonus Code

Enjoy playing the Lucky Lightnin slot game with a $25 of real money for free with this no deposit casino bonus. In addition to this great game you can also enjoy others like Lucky Last, London Inspector, Jazz Time and many more.

“Lucky Lightning is a 3-reel, one-payline video slot machine which offers huge payout to its players. The theme of Lucky Lightning is naturally lightnings, with electrical bolts scrolling down both sides of the machine. The idea may be that lightning can strike the same place twice which is what a player is hoping for. The symbols on the reels are Red Sevens, Bars, Oranges, Cherries, and Plums. Just like a traditional slot machine, there are no wild symbols or scatter symbols. Play Now and prove the myth of Lightnings not Striking twice in the same place wrong, cause they’ll surely hit the paylines more than twice for you. Play Lucky Lightnin’ Now!”

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