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“War is a game based on luck and without doubt one of the fastest ways to increase your bankroll! Is a casino war fought between two people? The player and the dealer. Only two cards are dealt and the one with the highest card wins. It really is that easy. Once the cards are dealt, the winner is automatically shown and receives his winnings. When there is a problem, the player may decide to surrender or go to war, which means that both players must place an additional bet that is at least equal to the original bet. The dealer then discards the first three cards and reveals the fourth to determine who the winner is. The player must have a card that is equal to or higher than the croupier to win, otherwise the dealer wins. Play now and collect your spoils of war!” Table Games

The Casino War game is located in the free software download. Like the other games, you can play it for free in practice mode or play it for real!


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